“Traditional Architecture. Inherent Sustainability.
Immediate Value. Timeless Style.”




KIRK E. PETERSON & ASSOCIATES (KPA) is an architectural design firm that has worked on a wide variety project types – commercial, mixed-use, multi-family, custom single-family, residential remodel, historic preservation, and ecclesiastical – for private, public and non-profit clients since its founding in 1981. KPA’s design work is characterized by a traditional style, which appreciates:

  • context – we employ recognizable vernacular and high-style historic forms and motifs extant in the urban fabric to create an original design that is a peer of its best neighbors
  • sustainablility – we explore and advocate for ways in which traditional building sensibilities can support environmental conservation
  • practicality – we create efficient arrangements of spaces and facilities that, in addition to functionality, provide our clients with satisfying user experiences
  • added value – we are known for providing our clients with richly designed environments, but this is the added value of hiring Kirk E. Peterson & Associates. Our role is to ask the right questions to best understand the needs that motivate the undertaking of your project and respond with solutions that serve our clients’ needs.

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